Online Cursive handwriting Competition 2020 Result

Thanks for participation

Thanks for participating in online cursive handwriting competition. we got a very good response from different places. We really appreciate your participation and enthusiasm for writing and sending very beautiful handwriting. We were overwhelmed by seeing so many good handwritings, it was quite tough to choose among them. But based on the rules of the contest we have to select a few names, which we would like to admire with prize money.

Winner list is as below:-

  • 1st Place :- Somya Saraswat, Agra
  • 2nd Place :- Sahasra V. Hyderabad.
  • 3rd Place :- Suman Verma, U.P.
  • 4th Place :- Lavi Agrawal, GGC.
  • 5th Place :- Anshul, Pune.
  • 5th Place :- Kulkarni Sejal, Hyderabad.
  • 5th Place :- Aditi Sinha, chhattisgarh
  • 5th Place :- Ekta, Hisar Haryana.
  • 5th Place :- Purvita Shah, Kolkata.
  • 5th Place :- Kavya Shyamsukha, Kolkata.

Have a look at selected 10 handwritings as below :-

Thanks for participating in handwriting competition and showing love.

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